BidPublic - Public Sector Transparency Portal for SAP

Streamline bid distribution, supplier engagement, and award visibility.

BidPublic Features

Boost supplier participation and collaboration in public-sector solicitations and RFxs, ensuring compliance and transparency for all solicitations and awards.

Out-of-the Box Compliance

Publicly list your bid solicitations or sourcing events (i.e. RFI, RFP, RFQ, etc.) in a dedicated and branded portal.


See up-to-date event details of solicitations including attachments, contacts, and award information.


Suppliers can search, filter, and browse to rapidly discover matching opportunities and contracts.

Onboarding Assist

Direct suppliers toward your supplier registration process, either through Ariba Discovery, directly in Ariba SLP, or other methods.


Publish custom content pages dynamically to convey critical information about your organization’s solicitation process or anything else suppliers or constituents might need to know.

Pre-Built Integration

Configure API integrations with SAP Ariba and SAP Discovery to synchronize bids, awards, and contracts data. No technical implementation project required.

BidPublic Mobile Public Bid Management for SAP Ariba

Seamless Management of Public Bids

BidPublic is a publicly accessible, client-specific, and branded portal integrated with SAP Ariba that Public Sector Agencies can use for bid distribution, supplier engagement, and award visibility.

  • Increase supplier participation in public-sector bid solicitations and RFxs
  • Increase supplier and public sector collaboration
  • Ensure compliance for public transparency of solicitations and awards
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BidPublic Dashboard

Why Choose BidPublic?

BidPublic is the only solution designed specifically for the public sector and regulated industries with real-time integration with SAP Ariba.

One-Stop Shop for Vendors

Make bid requests and awards available to both your prospective and existing vendors in a singular, dedicated, and branded transparency portal that can be embedded within your broader external facing website.

One-Stop Shop for Taxpayers

Publicly share vendor and contract details with your stakeholders and constituents transparently, and stay 100% complaint with your public mandates.

Rich Analytics

Gain actionable insights into your vendor and taxpayer engagement initiatives to enable increased bid responses, eliminate redundant enquires, and empower self-service.

Connect Public Bids to SAP Ariba
SAP Gold Partner

SAP Gold Partner

Innovating Together, Delivering To The Public Sector.

As an SAP Gold Partner, CodeFluent — the team responsible for developing BidPublic — is dedicated to offering a comprehensive suite of SaaS solutions aimed at enhancing the return on investment and operational flexibility for SAP’s State, Local, and Education (SLED) and Regulated Industries (RI) customers. With over 25 years of experience collaborating with SAP and leveraging our strategic alliances across SAP’s product, sales, and delivery divisions, BidPublic stands out as the sole solution meticulously crafted with native SAP integration, specifically designed to foster SAP adoption within the public sector.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to our most commonly asked questions. Don’t see your question? Just ask!

SAP Ariba does not by default allow public access to any of its data. However, public sector agencies and other regulated industries can still selectively allow their data to be accessed publicly. BidPublic is custom built for customers that need to provide their constituents and stakeholders with full transparency into their sourcing process.

Bidpublic integrates with SAP Ariba to enable public sector agencies to pull their bid requests, contracts, and supplier information to be shared to their vendors, taxpayers, or any other interested parties. Agencies have full control over how the information is presented and discovered by external stakeholders.

BidPublic’s core mission is to maximize agency-vendor collaboration by providing a single go-to portal for your vendors and constituents to find all your bid requests, upcoming events, contacts, and information about how to do business with your organization. Vendors can browse and search for sourcing events directly in BidPublic; they can also conveniently register as suppliers, request invitations to bid, and respond to Ariba sourcing events with help from BidPublic. Vendors can discover bids using categories defined by the agency and clearly see the bidding rules for each bid.

Yes. BidPublic integrates with SAP Business Network Discovery to pull your Discovery postings and make them available on your BidPublic transparency portal, so your vendors can have a place to find only your bids. BidPublic can also link to your Discovery postings to provide a seamless two-way connection. Furthermore, bid requests in BidPublic that are related to Discovery postings can use commodity codes, categories, and bid deadline timezones configured per your requirement, eliminating any confusion with vendors.

BidPublic is delivered as a SaaS solution and can be set up, configured, and deployed within 48 hrs. As a pre-built SAP Ariba certified integration, there is no technical development or implementaiton needed to deploy BidPublic. Typically, customers may take 10-15 days to brand, configure, customize (e.g. author FAQ, or Contact Us web pages), and test the transparency portal before going live with BidPublic.

Bidpublic offers a flexible pricing model that scales with your use of the platform. Based on the scope and transactions managed within BidPublic, we can size a quote that meets your needs. All pricing includes technical support, maintenance and upgrades.

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